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all time favorite louis tomlinson quotes


  • "salad in the wind"
  • "have you’ve quite finished yet"
  • "define girlfriends"
  • "does anyone else hear running water"
  • "sorry love but I don’t really care"
  • "happy days"
  • "NO NO NO
  • "will it be as deep as your voice"
  • "fucking shit bastard you did that shit I did that good"
  • "chicken stuffed with mozzarella wrapped in Parma ham with a side of homemade mash"


I don’t like bullies. I don’t care where they come from.

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an abridged list of things that jkr should actually regret about the hp series, feel free to add ur own

  • albus severus potter’s name
  • no queer representation / outing dumbledore after the series was over and expecting that to be enough
  • attempting to make snape a sympathetic character and erasing the awful things he did in the name of ‘true love’
  • ginny and mrs weasley sex-shaming fleur
  • remus and tonks’ relationship and not acknowledging the questionable/gross way that they got together
  • villainizing all slytherins
  • letting s.p.e.w. and hermione’s white savior complex go unexamined
  • using white people or magical creatures as metaphors for racism and other real world issues in general
  • lyncanthropy being an allegory for hiv/aids / erasing the queer history associated w/ hiv/aids
  • enforcing the belief that the only way to have a happy ending in life is to be straight, married, and have 2.5 kids
  • the entire epilogue

oh can’t forget

  • the incredibly shitty treatment of Cho Chang
  • Glossing over the mental effects of war on children and teenagers
  • Glossing over mental issues in general - one scene with Neville’s parents in the seven books does not representation make
  • Hermione basically handing Umbridge over to a mythological species known for raping women without further comment or consequence (she deserved something shitful but DAMN there is no excuse for that)
  • Generally shitful treatment of Pansy Parkinson because she’s Slytherin and opinionated and that somehow means ~evil~ above and beyond other Slytherins
  • Dumbledore never got called out on forcing Harry to live with his dangerously abusive family for years and years
  • The Dursleys never had any real consequences for treating Harry the way they did that didn’t directly fall back on Harry himself (The Dementors were after Harry, Voldemort was after Harry, neither Muggle nor Wizard authorities ever came after them despite people knowing how bad it was)

oh we’re doing this? excellent.

  • glorifying emotionally manipulative and abusive relationships having survived an abusive relationship herself
  • remus walking out on tonks and their son
  • snape calling lily a racist (i guess? idk if it counts as racist) and classist slur yet being glorified as the ‘bravest man harry ever knew’ by lily’s own son
  • the handling of peter pettigrew; the only flawed gryffindor who the narrative actually treats as such (of course all the gryffindors are flawed but rowling never covers that) but also an incredibly poor character in terms of development. once again this proves that she has a bias against slytherin, and the cunning.
  • the fact that peter committed suicide; this might just be a personal thing but i always felt like what she was basically saying there was ‘suicide is for the weak, and pitiful’ - her bias for gryffindor house, and the ‘good and brave’, is fucking disturbing.
  • the fact that she follows current literary tropes that dictate that ‘if you are cunning or ambitious you are evil and if you are loyal and brave and honourable you are virtuous’. there is fucking nothing virtuous about hermione’s fucking white mans burden.
  • the poor handling of hufflepuff house. she fucking canonised them as the leftovers. why bother having them if you weren’t going to develop them alongside every other house?
  • condemning pansy parkinson based on personal vendetta’s against actual women who actually exist
  • the lack of development of ~evil characters~ and the fact that they, and their ultimate goals, are incredibly unclear and black and white
  • the fact that voldemorts entire character is actually just one big pro-life campaign
  • dementors being symbolic of depression - but only very strong/capable wizards trained with a very powerful and difficult spell are able to fight them off. otherwise they have to eat chocolate. none of this is ever taught to the students, even during the third year when they are most exposed to depression.
  • the prisoners in the wizarding world are guarded by these symbolic embodiments of a mental illness. you commit a crime, in jk’s mind you deserve a severe mental illness: one that she herself has lived with and knows exactly what is like.
  • making love potions a thing students can buy over the counter at joke shops.
  • making love potions something students can make themselves.
  • making romilda vane and other girls plotting to spike harry’s food with a love potion to make him go out with them in school and never facing consequences for it even when ron falls victim to it.
  • hermione’s behaviour in the sixth book towards ron: her jealousy and seeking out boys to go out with just to hurt ron. the fact that before then hermione had never shown behaviour like that.
  • kids are sorted into specific groups that praise specific traits (with the exception of hufflepuff who have none) and which are known to have prejudices against them, which nobody does anything about. imagine being an 11 year old sorted into slytherin and told that everybody who goes to slytherin turns out evil, and being subsequently treated poorly, purely for having ambition. perhaps simply for admiring ambition.
  • severus snape was hired as a teacher whilst dumbledore knew he was abusive. neville’s greatest fear was snape, yet nobody did anything about that.
  • the education system continues to permit their students to get into dangerous situations such as the triwizard tournament wherein students have been known to die in the past.
  • the fact that ginny was possessed at age eleven and there is no fucking consequence of this? nobody ever mentions it again? thanks for skimming these psychological consequences. thanks a lot.
  • the treatment of lavender brown. oh my god. don’t get me started.
  • the fact that 11 year olds were punished by being sent into a forest known to be dangerous and thus usually forbidden to students.
  • the fact that little children will look up to her as inspiration for what kind of books they want to write and what stories they want to create and tell and this is what they learn from.

should i go on?

There’s always more

  • The severe lack of friendships between people from different houses. Why not? Give me one fucking reason.
  • The severe lack of house representation at all. So many Weasleys, and you’re telling me they were ALL sorted into the same house. I don’t fucking think so.
  • The only characters worth developing were in Gryffindor. There were a few well-known characters from other houses, but none of them, not even Draco, were developed well. Their change was seldom noted, but even then, the development wasn’t at all appropriately shown or even hinted.
  • It’s not just that they weren’t focused on or developed, it’s that characters from other houses like Crabbe and Goyle and Pansy were actively shown to not be worth developing.
  • The fact that in Harry’s first year, the Slytherins had worked extremely hard and behaved well to keep their house points up, and they were 160 fucking points ahead. If the Gryffindors deserved the House Cup, they wouldn’t have been so behind. But no that didn’t matter to Dumbledore, who, by the way, was an A-class bitch. And we’re supposed to celebrate that?
  • Dumbledore let the Dursley’s abuse Harry for years because he needed Harry to be a good, humble child, so he could die at precisely the right time, and even after he said that he came to care for Harry, he still let him go back to an abusive home every year. Nothing justifies that. Were anyone else in charge, McGonagall, Hagrid, anyone, they would do things differently. 
  • The thestrals were a good concept, but don’t you think letting thestrals out around children, only to remind them they had seen a loved one die, just a bit fucked up? Did that really need to be a thing?
  • Salazar Slytherin is treated as a bit of a villain. It is not acknowledged that he’s a Dark wizard, and if he had been, I doubt the others would have collaborated with him on this, and I doubt he’d have been Godric’s best friend. His concern with letting muggle-borns in was completely justified since it was a time, like the Salem witch trials, that wizards and witches would have been prosecuted if it came to it. Before Hogwarts even had any power to its name, any muggle-born and their parents could have raised attention and brought a riot to their doors. It’s stupid that the others didn’t see this is as a concern and even worse that the concern was never validated at all.
  • Hermione is tortured for quite a while, yet it doesn’t leave much of a lasting psychological effect either.
  • This series leaves the message that it’s okay to abuse and treat children horribly as if it doesn’t affect who they grow up to be. This isn’t just about Harry either. Neville was treated awfully by Snape, but it’s almost portrayed like he grew out of being a wimp. That’s not what abuse should be treated like.
  • Somethiing a tumblr user mentioned before: were Harry a girl, Snape would treat him like Petyr Baelish treats Sansa Stark. Severus Snape should not be portrayed as a hero or the sole heroic Slytherin. Hello, Regulus? Narcissa? Slughorn? Merlin?
  • Another thing about Snape… he never regretted anything but the part he played in Lily’s death. Nothing. Not the murder, not the betrayal, not being a Death Eater, nothing. Just that the girl he was creepily attached to and obsessed with was dead. He even left Harry in his cot. What the hell?
  • There’s a monster in the school the first year. They didn’t legit evacuate the entire floor. There’s a monster roaming through the school the second year, paralyzing and intending to kill people. They didn’t evacuate the school. There was an entire tournament that put people in death’s way. The ISS room was the fucking forest of death. I get it, you really don’t care about your students. Don’t be angry if they don’t want to defend the goddamn school in a Battle that may get them killed.
  • Hermione signed off on rape and assault. Now, I understand that it isn’t confirmed that Umbridge was raped, but even if it’s kind of unlikely that the disciplined centaurs, even in their anger, would rape her, Hermione didn’t know for sure that it wouldn’t happen. They could have tortured her or beat her beyond repair or raped her. Knowing Hermione, she knew what could have happened. And she let it happen.
  • That she created “good” characters that did many problematic things including murder, racism, prejudice, condoning rape and assault as punishment, abusing children because you’re still not over your goddamn mistakes, betrayal, etc.
  • But they never owned up to it.
  • And she still portrayed them as heroes.
  • Who did nothing wrong.
  • Probably because they were mostly Gryffindors *sighs*